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I am a New York native that moved to Alabama a few years ago.  I have been braiding hair since the age of 9 and was taught by my identical twin sister who also shares the love of natural hair.  Naturally Yours has been and continues to be featured in National and International hair magazines including Drum, Beauty, Sophisticate's Black Hair, and Hair Care. 

 I have been asked for editorial pieces and input as a natural stylist and braider.  As a salon owner, I have been a mentor to many and have been a guest at several high schools and junior colleges throughout Alabama that offer cosmetology programs.  Naturally Yours is the premiere braiding salon in Birmingham. We believe in not only caring for the hair but the person as well. 

Naturally Yours is the parent company of Reignbows. Having   a daughter with Dandy Walker Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, the special needs community is close to my heart.  

Although natural hair, particularly braiding, is my first love, I am also a nurse, have a  psychology degree, am an educator,  author, and an advocate. My goal is to educate people on natural haircare and the proper way of caring for the health  of your hair while braided or in any protective style.


Taneka Gillard

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